Advance praise for
Beliefs, Behaviors, and Results
“If you want to improve your business, this is the book to read. The ideas developed by the authors have worked everywhere I’ve seen them applied.”
James M. Kilts, former Chairman and CEO of Gillette, CEO and President of Nabisco,
and President of Kraft USA
“A terrific blueprint for setting the tone at the top in pursuit of superior performance in both the customer markets and the capital markets in a synergistic and enduring fashion.”
Douglas R. Conant, former President, CEO and Director, Campbell Soup Company; New York Times bestselling author of TouchPoints
“The authors have a very clear vision of what’s most important in leading and managing a business and how that’s achieved. Their analysis is insightful and their conclusions instructive and practical. This is a high-value read for any current or future business leader who wants to do it right—to take good care of all the enterprise’s constituencies and achieve the ultimate goal: delivering sustainable economic profit growth.”
Miles D. White, Chairman and CEO of Abbott Laboratories
“Many organizations operate with inconsistent and confused beliefs that produce ineffective behaviors and suboptimal outcomes. This book helps define the process for significantly improving results by strategically focusing on productive beliefs and behavior. These concepts contributed to our success at BB&T.”
John Allison, former Chairman and CEO of BB&T and Chairman of the CATO Institute
“In Beliefs, Behaviors and Results, the authors show how they have helped my organization and many others establish the strategies and capabilities that are critical to driving and sustaining superior performance.”
Don Knauss, Chairman and CEO of the Clorox Company
“Real progress is made through tackling the important issues successfully. Leaders who have embraced the concepts and principles in Beliefs, Behaviors, and Results have repeatedly shown how lasting this transformation can be.”
Travis Engen, former CEO of Alcan and ITT Industries



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