The definitive executive guide to achieving and sustaining superior shareholder returns
and businesses.

''If you want to improve your business, this is the book to
read. The ideas developed by the authors have worked
everywhere I've seen them applied.''

James M. Kilts, prior Chairman and CEO of Gillette,
CEO and President of Nabisco, and President of Kraft USA

For any business leader who wants to outperform the competition, Beliefs, Behaviors, and Results is a practical resource on the strategic and organiza-tional conditions that lead to sustained shareholder-value growth.
Through the words and case examples of leading CEOs, this book captures the five core principles that have transformed the performance of some of the world's best corporations and most admired brands. Order your copy today »

Joe Shalleck

Lee Mergy

Scott Gillis

About the Authors

Coauthors Scott Gillis, Lee Mergy, and
Joe Shalleck cofounded Galt & Company, a
top management advisory firm associated
with some of the more notable corporate
success stories of the last two decades.

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